was created to help local teams and groups raise more money. Following our company’s successful launch, we quickly realized that by leveraging the newest technologies would allow us to not only help our community, but groups across the world.  As a company, we are dedicated to helping passionate people raise the funds necessary to accomplish their goals. Through years of experience, we have systematically crafted the most efficient social media-integrated crowdfunding platform available, and we fervently believe the power of the internet will continue to revolutionize the way groups fundraise.

Thousands of groups across the country have made the choice to utilize our safe, effective and efficient style of fundraising. Our system allows coaches and community members to spend their time doing what they love rather than having to fundraise. The efficiency of our system, combined with our team’s passion to help others, will undoubtedly maximize the success of each campaign. We look forward to the opportunity of representing your next fundraiser!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple. Participants will follow our process step-by-step. By collecting emails and then following the steps of our invite wizard, participants will launch our mobile friendly campaign within 15 minutes. After that our team and platform will do the rest.